Feasibility Studies

Pilot undertook the following feasibility studies through 2021/2022 to define the potential project scale and opportunity to develop clean energy projects across the WA Mid West and South West leveraging Pilots existing assets and operating experience  The results of the feasibility studies identified the Mid West Clean Energy project and the material CO2 aggregation opportunity in the South West and Mid West regions. The feasibility study results are summarized in the following:


Mid West Blue Hydrogen & CCS Feasibility Study

Genesis and Technip Energies, and CO2Tech were engaged to assess the feasibility of developing and commercialising the Mid West Blue Hydrogen and CCS projectwhich includes a carbon management service and the associated production and sale of blue hydrogen.

Blue H2 and CO2 Technology Study

8 Rivers undertook a detailed assessment of deploying the clean power generation (NET Power) and 8 Rivers 8RH2 technology for clean hydrogen production. The study investigated the integration of these technologies across renewable hydrogen and blue hydrogen and CCS projects.

South West Carbon Management Feasibility Study

The objective of the South West Carbon Management and Blue Hydrogen Project Feasibility Study was to define the regions flue gas and CO2 emission opportunity set, assess the CCS potential of the South West Hub Project and commercialisation via the provision of carbon management services and sale of hydrogen. The Study will incorporate the blue hydrogen assessments from the Mid West feasibility study and the 8 Rivers Capital blue hydrogen technology study (announced 12 August 2021).


Mid West Wind and Solar Feasibility Study

Genesis and Technip Energies, Lautec and Green Fuel Development were engaged to assess the feasibility of developing and commercialising the Mid West region’s world class renewable energy resources and the associated production and sale of green hydrogen.

Cliff Head Offshore Wind ‘Demonstrator’ Project

  • Conceptual “demonstrator” wind farm development at Cliff Head Oil Field
  • Based on successful Beatrice Demonstrator Wind Farm development
  • Connect 3-6 wind turbines back to Cliff Head Platform generating up to 60 MW
  • Wind turbines installation in WA State Waters
  • Utilize patented gravity base structures development by Perth-based marine design & construction firm
  • Cliff Head Offshore Wind Demostrator conceptual development is subject to:
    • Feasibility study completion
    • Joint venture and regulatory approvals
    • ASX re-compliance
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