Mid West Clean Energy Project

Mid West Clean Energy Project (100% Pilot)

The MWCEP is a clean ammonia export project aiming to produce up to 1.2 million tonnes per annum of clean ammonia starting in 2027 with a cost base that is competitive with existing conventional grey ammonia production. The Project includes several sub-projects including carbon management for third parties, permanently storing the Project’s own CO2 associated with blue hydrogen production, through to the production of clean ammonia from blue and green hydrogen.

  • Brownfield redevelopment of the existing Cliff Head Oil Field’s facilities and the development of new onshore and offshore infrastructure.
  • Leveraging the long term operating history at Cliff Head and repurpose existing assets for CCS and clean energy production.
  • Can be delivered on an accelerated basis, when compared to developing a similar project on a green field basis


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The Cliff Head Carbon Capture and Storage (CHCCS) project, which forms part of the overall MWCEP, aims to provide over 1 million tonnes per annum of permanent carbon capture & storage starting in early 2026 capturing both third party industrial CO2 emissions as well as ~99% of any CO2 generated by the MWCEP. Based on publicly available data, at 1 million tonnes per annum the Project is sufficiently sized to capture and permanently store the emissions associated with the onshore Perth basin gas projects and the Cockburn Dongara quicklime facility.

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The CHCCS operation enables the production of blue hydrogen and ammonia with the proposed hydrogen production technology integrating the production of green hydrogen/ammonia. Importantly the Project will be designed to incorporate the future supply of hydrogen into the WA domestic market.